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Property Tax Caps Hamstring Local Budgets

BOMA Position Summary

HB 202 Summary

HB 202

HB 197 Section 5

Appraisal Lisc Not Required for Tax Reps

SC Point of Sale Reform

Legislation Introduced in SC Attempting to Change ATI Laws

SC Realtors Again Strive to Change Point-of-Sale Reassessment

Atlanta Property Taxes Making Tweaks

Summary of GA SB 346

GA SB 346 - Final Version

HB 1405:  Special Council Tax Reform

SC Objections to Point-of-Sale Defy Economics

SC Commercial Property Tax Relief Plan on Hold

SC Commercial Property Tax Relief

Tax Assessment and Appeals White Paper

GAAO Assessment Caps

Assessment Caps versus Revenue Caps

South Carolina Property Tax Issues

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Correspondence

California's Fiscal Crisis Hits Schools

California Commercial Property Tax Study

Georgia Association of Assessing Officials Correspondence

J. Wayne Moore, Ph.D. - Property tax policy, equity, reassessment quality, local government process improvement and software

Florida's "Save Our Homes" tax system

Florida Realtor Says Save Our Homes Act Kills Housing Market

State of Florida riddled with tax inequities after 10 years of Save Our Homes

Tax reform clause may be discouraging buyers

GA Property Tax Assessment Cap Legislation Introduced

GA General Assembly - HR1